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This week, the Blue Lines Blog has interviewed currently in Atlanta, photographer, poet, jack of many trades extraordinaire, my Pinoy sister Kat Goduco (www.KatGoduco.com).

KS: Describe your current showcase to the fans
KG: Sense[Ability] is a showcase depicts the 5 senses illustrated through photography. Touch, See, Smell, Hear, Taste. There will be some It was a collection done for Rise Sushi & Lounge, and is currently being displayed in the restaurant.

KS: Do you like to talk about yourself or your pictures? If yes, about what aspects of photography? If no, why?
KG:I don’t mind talking about my body of work. I’m not much for attention, but I seem to get a lot of it. When I do speak about my work, I like to talk about the concept and behind the scenes aspect of it all.

KS: How would you describe your attention span?
KG: I have a decent attention span. Enough to get the work done 

KS: When did you decide to become a photographer?
KG: The moment I realized that photography was a tool to inspire others.

KS: We have worked together previously, as you know, I admire your passion. Explain your thought process in leaving your “traditional” job to follow your dream?
KG: Well, it’s simple really. I prayed about it (for signs specifically) and decided to follow what I felt was right.

KS: What does photography mean to you?
KG: It’s a form of expression.

KS: Can you recall the first photo you took that made you go WOW!?
KG: Yup! Envy/ Love from my first showcase Deliverance: Vice vs. Virtue

KS: Do you have any formal training regarding photography?
KG: Nope just a highschool class and lessons from working photographers.

KS: How technical is your photography?
KG: Not sure what that means.

KS: How do you feel about cropping?
KG: Not bad to do editing, but cropping out a big portion of a picture to get another shot, I won’t do. If I don’t see it in the original pic, its not a shot I was meant to shoot.

KS: Where is your favorite place to live and work as a photographer in the World and why?
KG: Everywhere. Because art does not live in one place.

KS: Define the word “beauty”!
KG: Inspiration.

KS: What/Who was your favorite person to shoot? Why?
KG: People in General. You can get so much emotion from a natural actions.

KS: What is your most favorite and least favorite word in photography or life? How do they make you feel?

KS: How does your personality change when you look through the camera?
KG: It doesn’t.

KS: How do you feel about missed shots which cannot be recreated?
KG: You never miss a shot. You shoot what you are meant to see.

KS: Ever concerned about failure?
KG: Not for a second.

KS: Who are your influences?
KG: Mom, Nikki Giovanni, Lois Greenfield, Joan Miro

KS: What is your favorite image, either your own or someone else’s or both? Describe its creation or meaning to you?
KG: It’s a photo called the Pieta…(I think). It’s about a mom in Asia, trying to give her disabled daughter a bath during the time when they dropped chemicals in the water during WWII.

KS: Describe a day in your personal or professional life.
KG: Random 

KS: Tell us about 365daymiracle.com?
KG: It is my blog where I document what I do daily and write what I learned from what life gives me.

KS: What are the biggest personal or professional challenges you face on a daily basis?
KG: Time to do everything.

KS: What has been the single biggest obstacle against growing as a photographer in whole?
KG: Lighting 

KS: What are your favorite subjects to photograph?
KG: People.

KS: Tell your funniest, scariest, most bizarre, most touching story from a photo shoot!
KG: Had a guy ask me to take pictures of him naked…I declined cuz he was creepy.

KS: Describe your upcoming work?
KG: The lineup is great, it is the sequel to last April’s Mistaken Identity which took place at the Adidas store at Lenox!

The manuscript Blue Lines is a fictional period piece, written by Kenneth Anthony Suffern, Jr., that takes place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.