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The title “Unfinished” best describes this haphazard piece of practice fiction, because over the course of several weeks I have tried to write portions of the story based on several different influences.

First I started with a story based the Blue Foundation song “Watch You Sleeping,” ( http://lala.com/zoJl )about a character, gender had not been decided, watching their sleeping partner the morning after they fought and made up. That story was not completed.
Then a conversation I had with a friend produced a second story, and after writing the short story stalled, I began again, and elements of the “Watch You Sleeping” story were placed in this story about waking up the next morning, with the Gorillaz feat Bobby Womack’s “Cloud of Unknowing” ( http://lala.com/zB1m ) as the soundtrack.

Yet again, the story stalled, to my frustrations, and as I worked to complete the story, Sia’s “I’m Here Now,” ( http://bit.ly/dlERDT )helped me complete this haphazard, unfocused piece of work. but for your read pleasure, if you so choose…”Unfinished.”

“Somebody asked me your name yesterday,” was the first thought I remembered from our conversation yesterday, as I woke up this morning.
In the still air, my cloudy eyes were greeted by the cyan haze that penetrated the window. I looked toward her exposed back, she was still sound asleep nestled on her pillow. I arranged myself and watched her sleeping on her side. Her breathing was calm, and peace seemed to emanate from her sleeping form. Looking upon her rich pecan complexion, I had brief memories of last night, and what had brought me here. She rustled, and I thought that we may have shared the same memory, as she settled back into her sleep.
I settled my gaze back onto the azure glow that would soon be burned off by the rich glow of the sun. I noticed my pea coat and clothing strewn over the chair and laughed at how I had traveled from a frigid climate last night, and my clothes were now too heavy here.
“Well,” I thought, “I’ll be leaving shortly, so that won’t matter. Will she be awake before I leave,” my mind floated with thoughts of leaving for my flight as quickly as I had come in.
***Less than 24 hours earlier***
Over lunch hibachi at Benihana’s, the subject of something I was working on arose again, as the brief topic continued, the question was asked, “What is her name, if I may ask,” the question though random and odd. The conversation moved on, but that subject remained in my mind as the day continued on. What am I doing, that someone unrelated would ask me this question? Was it sharing the same city? Was it innocent piqued interest? Was it not letting something die, that I thought was dead?
The next details were sketchy as the day became somewhat of a blur that led to an ill advised phone call.
“Hello,” I heard the hesitant answer on the other side of the connection.
“Hello, yourself,” I answered confidently, having made the mistake of making the phone call. Silently, “awkward,” was the only word that could best describe the theme of the call.
Somehow between that conversation and time flew by, and I ended up here.
* * * * * *
As my mind returned to the room, and the bed that I reclined on, the memory that I left very early this morning slowly returned to my mind and I did not want to wake her. The love that I felt in my heart was fleeting, as I knew that currently there was future ahead of us.
I left the bed carefully, as not to stir her, and showered. Unfortunately, I knew that I may leave without waking her. Regrettably I thought that it would be easier for both us that way. The warm water comforted as I knew what I was doing, leaving without speaking, was wrong.
Slowly I prepared myself, schizophrenically hoping that she would awaken, and hoping she would stay asleep. Unbelievably overdressed, I walked over to her, fascinatingly radiant in her sleep, and kissed her neck and temple, horribly torn at the way I was leaving.
I applied my sunglasses as I walked out into the motor lobby, and slumped into the back of the cab.
“Airport,” I simply muttered.

The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman KLW, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.