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Well It seems I only get these done every 2 weeks, alot to catch up on:
I listened to a commercial where a “buy here, pay here” lot in Atlanta advertised buying the car “you deserve” and came up with this “Your actions and work have place you where you are right now, with what you have right now, if your are happy, keep doing what you’ve been doing, if not you have to change it…you only live once”

I learned that, a true friend is a true friend for life

I learned that we waste way to much on the future, and not today (I’m still trying to make sure I don;t do this)

I learned that although you make choices and changes and advance on, know why you made that change, there is no need to regret the past.

Fight for what you believe in, but then learn to let go, when you learn there is no reason to fight.

Never quit, (sorry LeBron, I just saw you get Kobe-ish…damn shame)

Have fun.

I learned the City Lounge series, is one of the BEST EVER music compilations.

Happy to see a new Janelle Monae album, and it’s DAMN good.

Sometimes speeding is liberating.

It’s great to meet people who hold your same ideals, (Tommy, JT both great guys).

I have to learn to get back on my Blue Lines grind.

It sucks to lose (next year Atlanta Hawks), especially when your vested interest is tremendously more than most.

It’s great to see grounded people, and know that you(myself) are becoming more grounded.

It’s great to get back into the gym…sucks to know what you messed up.

It’s interesting to be a snob (sports/beer/…everything).

Tremendously great to see old friends, regardless of the circumstances.

Well enough rambling until next week.