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Next time you look back, I think maybe you should look again…

Words that kind of sum up my thoughts, and yes TJ…thanks for listening to my B.S. most of the time…glad phone calls are alot cheaper these days…alright here we go.

Getting my house in order begins with…”getting my house in order…” damn I need to clean the house.

Life is amazing, but you only live it once…don’t settle.

Sex/Music are two of the best parts of it…sorry…actually I’m not.

Experiences are beautiful…learning from them is better.

Mistakes stink when the involve other people.

Mature Adults can be friends after…yeah, that’s it.

It is never too cold or too hot when you are enjoying yourself…probably why Woodstock was a success.

Times of solace and being alone, are the greatest.

I need to focus on my manuscript.

College campuses are scary…too much eye candy…I’m just saying.

Hugging your favorite artist and seeing her perform for the 3rd time in one year is amazing, De La Soul, Common, and Goapele weren’t half bad either…lol

When you don’t do the things you need to do, you miss out.

It’s amazing to meet (again) your main characters namesake!!!

I’m afraid of spiders, and this has been spider week…even in dreams…I guess it’s my “spirit animal” now.

To see a spider in your dream, indicates that you are feeling like an outsider in some situation. Or perhaps you want to keep your distance and stay away from an alluring and tempting situation.
On a negative note, spiders may indicate a feeling of being entangled or trapped in a sticky or clingy situation.

Seeing my tweets up in lights was really negative to my efforst to be humble.

Soccer in person is boring by the time you get to the end.

Doing good is rewarding, need to do more.

Acting like a teen/college age kid and not feeling the repurcussions (for that weekend)…priceless.

The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.