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I know Hip-Hop Quotable Wednesdays usually include your Black Moon’s, A Tribe Called Quest…this week we have the club banger Black Rob’s Whoa! (Remix)…a tremendously sick posse cut, in the vein of A Tribe Called Quest’s Scenario and Scenario (Remix).

WHOA! (Extended Remix)
featuring Rah Digga, Lil’ Cease, G-Dep, Da Brat, Beanie Sigel, Puff Daddy, Madd Rapper, Joe Hooker, Shyne, & Godzilla

[Black Rob]
We gon’ take this all around the world
Yo, I’m ’bout ready to put y’all up on something else, man
(Whatcha gon’ put us up on, man?)
Yo, this part two of the raw (We ain’t never gonna stop)
Okay, y’all know what this is
The remix, you know what I mean? (Life Stories)
Allright, anything ill you see it’s WHOA! (I know that)
Like for instance, Black Rob is WHOA! (Oh no doubt)
And Bad Boy is WHOA! (No doubt)
And that’s it, man, word up

[Rah Digga]
Digga on a Black Rob track like WHOA!
Brick City where we smack cops back like WHOA!
My whole crew dime pieces in the Jeep like WHOA!
Juicy lips, big t–s, p—y deep like WHOA!
Don’t trip, on the mic I’m the b—h like WHOA!
Be the illest when I spit, see my flicks like WHOA!
Chicken heads wanna know where I shop like WHOA!
Rah single knocking ni—s out they socks like WHOA!
Everywhere honey go, cats jock me like WHOA!
Digga puttin’ TVs on the cotties like WHOA!
Rah first featured on The Score like WHOA!
Whores tried to run up on my draws like WHOA!
C’mon, Digga got smoke and I freaked the funk
H-Town where they lean, ATL where they crunk like WHOA!
Shouts to everybody I know
High pro, nice toes, Rah shows, tight flows like WHOA!

[Lil’ Cease]
Cease come through with the E-Pills like WHOA!
A bunch of white h–s following like WHOA!
They pulling my pants down, s–t, I’m like WHOA!
They giving me head now, we all like WHOA!
She swallowed the whole d–k, I’m like WHOA!
The ass was thick, the back drop was like WHOA!
Daddy, long stroke, give it to ’em like WHOA!
Cease-a-lee bad with a phone like WHOA!
My b—h blow silently like WHOA!
Cock it back, squeeze one more time like WHOA!
You wanna be B.I.G., n—a, picture that WHOA!
I’m a friend, yo, n—a, right where you set it at WHOA!
Your flow ain’t WHOA! Your crew ain’t WHOA!
Your ice ain’t WHOA! Your Benz ain’t WHOA!
Black Rob, M.A.F.I.A., smoke ‘dro
Get dough, nice hoes, nice clothes like WHOA!

G-Dep spit fire like WHOA! (G-Dep, let’s go)
Bust two slugs through your tire like WHOA!
Tyin’ up the getaway driver like WHOA!
Frontin’ like you live, but we liver like WHOA!
Gettin’ electrified trying to touch it like WHOA!
You reach wrong, might lose your arm like WHOA!
Got the detanator in my palm like WHOA!
3-2-1 hit the bomb like WHOA!
I’m a beast, born in the Belly like WHOA!
Excursion, stolen perellies like WHOA!
I don’t think there’s nothing y’all can tell me that’s WHOA!
So I’ma just wreck the show, get the dough like WHOA!
Wait! Stop the tape!
I live the fast life and I only stop for cake like WHOA!
My ni—s, get dough, get low, hit ‘dro, hit hoes, spit flows like WHOA!

[Da Brat]
When the c–chie get wet, it’s real juicy like WHOA!
You f–k up my check, I’m calling Lucy like WHOA!
I fell off in the club 20 deep like WHOA!
Lit up about five blunts a piece like WHOA!
When my new s–t drop, it’s gon’ be like WHOA!
When the 34-Bs fill up the bra they like WHOA!
When n—-s see the size of my tits they like WHOA!
When the chrome rim shine on they neck they like WHOA!
Ugh! I swallow on every finger like WHOA!
Same b—h who said the goldier scent lingers like WHOA!
Shit, what b—h is hotter, I’m most requested it like WHOA!
I’m Unrestricted, mic perfected like WHOA!
The b—h got jazzy, I had to slap her like
(*immitating slapping sounds*)
When n—-z ask me the rap for free I’m like WHOA!
My n—-z, So So, Plat, Gold, Brat code, flyin’ bigga, type clothes WHOA!

[Beanie Sigel]
Sigel came to set up shop, you gotta ROLL!
Everytime I gotta step on the block, they like WHOA!
Them young ‘uns see the print of the glock be like WHOA!
Everytime I’m spinning the block, they like WHOA!
N—-s talk about “Can I go?” I’m like NO!
I’m all about the dough, ain’t got no time for no HOE!
You catch me on the block on my ground wit’ these HOES!
Takin’ nines up the nose straight FROZE!
Got ’em coming back everytime like WHOA!
I got ’em doing petty s–t crimes like WHOA!
They do anything for the niggas like WHOA!
They know my s–t fresh off the boat like WHOA!
I grips the gat, hit your ass up, come thru in the truck slow like WHOA!
My n—-s get dough, get locked, get out, get low, get mo’ like WHOA!

[Black Rob]
I hit to the scene in ’95 like WHOA! (Romeo, Romeo)
Broke like a motherf—in’ dog like WHOA!
Robbin’ n—-z cribs in Mid-Town like WHOA!
Plus I’m on the run from my PO like WHOA!
I remember spendin’ shakes on the floor like WHOA!
Takin’ n—-z’ numbers and we flip it like WHOA!
Now y’all see the God on TV you like WHOA!
Doin’ my dance wit’ PD like WHOA!
Now I got the house and my whip it’s like WHOA!
Jewels, every other ice clear like WHOA!
S–t, L.O.X. left and Ma$e retired like WHOA!
So I threw the label on my back like WHOA!
And more less, more so, I’ll rip your torso
I live the fast life, come through in a X-5 like WHOA!
My n—-s like dough, light dro’, nitro, my flow, nice clothes like WHOA!

[Puff Daddy]
Yeah, uh uh, it ain’t over yet, man
You know how them…the DJs…y’all gotta…
Spin it back around and start it from the top
I ain’t gonna make you do that on this remix
We gon’ keep it going
We gon’ give you a little taste of the WHOA! young guns
Bad Boy baby
We won’t stop cuz we can’t stop

WHOA! Keep the stainless on my hip like WHOA!
Shoulda seen the bitches tits like WHOA!
Put it to your face for the cake like WHOA!
Expert, six to your shirt like WHOA!
Sin is a problem in Harlem like WHOA!
Born in BK wit a d–k like WHOA!
Got wit BR, spit a bar like WHOA!
D’s on my back, spit the gats like WHOA!
Had to cool off, smokin’ Newport WHOA!
Did the video that had the feds like WHOA!
Blow off the heezy toilet weezy like WHOA!
Sheezy G B so she easy like WHOA!
Shit, God bless, for the dough, I pop the pussy
Come through in a Volvo like WHOA!
Flag roll, high clothes, high low, spit the bar like WHOA!?

[Joe Hooker]
I feel the dirty, feel the nozzle dirty
North Carolina, I don’t know shit WHOA!
This shit be good too ’em like WHOA!
Smoke fat bones and a pot of rice WHOA!
I know I ain’t right, but f–k it WHOA!
Picture with a jacket change chump like WHOA!
Chasin’ with a half a water pipe like WHOA!
Y’all keep actin’ like y’all n—-s can get it WHOA!
F–k around and hafta loose your balance like WHOA!
Cuz I’ll slap ya c–chie fine, ya like WHOA!
Man, let’s get this n—a crunk like WHOA!
And tear this f—in’ club up like WHOA!
More or less, more or so, I’ll kick your a–hole
I am the fast life come through in a dump truck like WHOA!
My people like my flow, nice clothes like WHOA!

[Madd Rapper]
I really hate you f—ing guys the Madd Rapper’s like UGH!
Ain’t gotta f—in’ die, my s–t happen they like UGH!
I’m coming after yo’ ice, gon’ pull a heist, you like UGH!
Cuz I’m the Family Court, my daughter mom, she needs UGH!
Brooklyn n—-s ride trains, we steal your chains you like UGH!
I steal your mics and pull the plugs at your shows you like WHA!
Your new Timbs, I’m steppin’ all on your toes, you like WHA!
I hittin’ the n—a, spill my drink on your clothes you like WHA!
I got a 20 in trash, I smoke a ‘dro I’m like WHOA!
And I’m bootleggin’ your albums, I need the dough, you like WHA!
I know you hearing my s–t, y’all know my s–t, I’m like WHOA!
“Well, my album quarter read’, I’m fairly sick, I’m like WHOA!
No sales, no plaques, no shows, no world tours
I live a wack life so I’m trying to live yours” I’m like WHOA!
My n—-s, Black Rob, Bad Boy, Crazy Cat, Madd Rapper
That’s that I’m like WHOA!

[Puff Daddy]
Bad Boy 2000 WHOA!
We’re baaaack
We ain’t never going to stop (Life Stories)
Joe Hooker is like WHOA!
Shot back is like WHOA!
Black Rob is like WHOA!
Bad Boy baby WHOA!
Queen Bee WHOA!
Family WHOA! (This the remix y’all)
Now we ain’t never gon’ stop
Bad Boy is like WHOA!
We been like WHOA! for 10 years
Just bounce.

The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.