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Other than little bits easily expressed by limited facebook posts, or tweets, I haven’t really expressed many of my thoughts in long form in quite some while. Musically…yes, with the choice of a song. Songs, or anything matching with my current feelings at a given time. So here’s another attempt while playing Stevie Wonder’s Music Of My Mind.
Blue Lines – my manuscript that I began 12 years ago, it will always be the initial base of this blog until it’s date of publish, and until it is time to promote my future works. (more below regarding Blue Lines)
Blue Skies – sitting at the Cliff house at Golden Gate Park 1/20/11 staring into the Pacific Ocean, actually beginning that morning, as I peered out into the San Francisco sky. I thought of two very distinct concepts: 1) I was glad that although I love…and I mean LOVE the state of California, that I was glad/happy/content that I was Northern California, rather than L.A. to the south. Especially to experience the clear bay air, and the blue skies that reminded me so much of the smogless days of my youth in Atlanta, Georgia. It has been quite some time that I could remember a clean blue sky. The purity of waking up on a Saturday…the long blue days of the summer. In an unexplainable way, it was almost a religious or spiritual experience, although there were no specific thoughts referencing God or any particular religion or such. 2) Unlike a Hawai’i or tropical island, that this experience was “real,” in a city that I could live and do my work in, although I do not have plans moving in that directions. Well I sat there at the Cliff House, tired from the event the night before, focusing on seeing someone I consider a valued friend (that’s funny that I reconnected with two friends this past week, the aforementioned from school, and then a former intern who is now working in my/our industry and married with children), as I built upon strengthening relationships with the members of my organization all in attendance of this conference.
Change – well I look at it a change is coming and you have to reach for it, claim it, etc. but I also have to have patience, let it happen, and be smart about what I say until it is completed. And in change in other areas, I tried to give advice to a lifelong friend trying to move forward with a relationship (I say try, because events had to be rescheduled for her), and change to be who I need to be for myself (publish author, among other things) and still know the balance to be there for my friends with whom that support is mutual.
Escape – California is always an escape from my world…well if I’m not working directly (which would be the case in Los Angeles), yes at this point, there was a level of checking in that I had to do, or rather the 4-5 a.m. phone calls I was getting from the office interrupting limited conference sleep. However this time around I seemed to allow my mind to wander, allow myself to be at peace, when I was not uncharacteristically trying to focus myself due to the “fog” that the time difference seemed to cause this last week. Luckily I had my moments to wander and actually and unwittingly happened upon the Starbucks that opens the Prologue of my manuscript Blue Lines across from the Moscone Center near the Yerba Buena Gardens, although San Francisco has no shortage of Starbucks…Seattle must be the only city that has more.
Music – how did music impact this trip, and this time? Well music always has a significant place in my life, and this could be no different. It is interesting that although I made my “Cali / San Fran 2011” playlist, the lack of having my personal machine and a dedicated connection to the internet, I was unable to add possible new music to my catalogue the new offerings by Corinne Bailey Rae, and Talib Kweli had to wait for my return, but combining my iPhone, iPod, and work iPad, I had my fair share of Bjork, Mos Def, Andreya Triana, Andy Allo, Citizen Cope, Joi Gilliam, Bon Iver, Little Dragon, etc. to provide the soundtrack to my days and nights. I also had the unique opportunity to see the Roy Hargrove Quintet perform at a very cool local (San Fran) spot called Yoshi (close to Japan Town, if not in Japan Town). The performance was extraordinary and disarming, and had as much character in this shiny new and clean facility as watching a performance in a weathered back alley jazz club that you may find in Chicago, New York, or even Atlanta.
Blue Lines – yes, I may have touched upon my manuscript earlier in this post. I did not work on it while there, and may have glanced at it a few times. Moreover, in learning about people within my prof organization locally, I was able to give them a glimpse into who I was with the customary story I use to describe my manuscript.
-Fiction loosely based on fact
-Written from the aspect of my female character because I started writing after sitting at my Aunt’s place in Mt Vernon New York, and saw an interview by Arthur Golden, author of Memoirs Of A Geisha.
-I just registered the derivative work of the original copyright.
-I want to be published and have it produced as a movie.
Referring to, and expounding upon something I mentioned in a recent post. I am reading my first piece of fiction in quite some time. While writing my manuscript I had two major fears: 1) losing sight with any new female that may have come along, and possible but inadvertent insertion into the development of my protagonist Keypsiia Walker; 2) reading someone’s fiction, and unconsciously adding something from a work I may have liked into my original work, and having to deal with theft of ideas or simply parts of their work being manifested in mine. As I began reading More Than You Know by Rosalyn Story. Having spent the days of the inauguration with her at events, and actually our contingent navigating the “sea of humanity,” to take our post to watch the inauguration, did not hurt my wanting to finally read her work. Being two books back now two, I received her book Wading Home for Christmas, also prompted me to begin reading. While reading the first four chapters, I was amazed by the level of detail in the story telling, just from the few chapters I have read, I know the look and feel of her characters. I can see their expressions, feel their emotions. That’s what I want, and why I know that I have some work to carefully do to bring Keypsiia Walker, Blue Hurt, the University of Carolina Chapel Hill and Blue Lines to life for my readers and position my manuscript to be published and become a film.

Smiles – I just can’t stop smiling. I feel extremely to a heaviness being lifted, and I can see the finish line. There are actually a multitude of recent things to smile about, and I am working myself into that new space. Smiling.

The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.