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Why am I doing the Blue Print Cleanse? Is it to lose weight? Is it your new diet? Are you trying to shock your body? Why? Why? Why?

Well first, I’m not taking it because of it’s name…Blue Print – Blue Lines – Blue Hurt. I am not taking it to lose weight, I know what that takes and a lot of it is hard work and discipline. I’m not trying to shock my body.

Back around 2005 – 2006 I started to notice that I was putting on weight, and the erratic workout schedule included being content that I made it into the gym at least one day a week to lift. One day i sat back and realized that I was going in the wrong direction and had no structure in my workouts. I made a decision to change those habits. I began to run with frequency. I then added in a structured Monday/Wednesday/Friday lift routine accompanied by abdominal work and basketball on Tuesday/Thursday. I also had to change me erratic and bad eating habits. Results were slow and steady, but I was striving for my lofty goal of my high school weight of 180 lbs.

By 2007 my routine included early a.m. and lunch visits to the gym, and I completed both my workout regimens and runs each day. With friends, we began to use Nike SPARQ equipment and ran football drills every saturday morning. We had people who came to the field to run around its track ask us whether we were trainers. I laugh in retrospect. I even got my iPod Nano and Nike+ attachment to record my runs, my drive grew as my weight dropped. And although I was able to steady out around 188-185 lbs after having dropped between 50-60 lbs, I still was short of the goal of 180. Now, I had no complaints then, nor in retrospect, and I tried to think of new techniques to accomplish my goals, but I was extremely proud of my accomplishments.

Slowly life took over, a new job, slightly hampered my workouts, but I maintained the status quo. Our football drills began to die off after one too many Saturdays being the only person to show up, and I began to use my back yard for solo drills. I continued my running, and although I may not have made 2 trips to my gyms in one day, I at least had my one session in per day.

Well some good things do also pass, and I allowed life and personal dramas to take away my one perfect release, and slowly my regiment became disjointed in 2008, where I would have my runs of great workouts, and my bad weeks, but my progress was still positive enough to keep me within that 9% body fat range I had achieved and eventually drop to 170 lbs in December of 2008. 2009 was more of the same, I had good runs, but could not quite finish the regiment I had chosen. I did run my first Peachtree Road Race, and finished in 66 minutes (I thought I was at the finish and started walking).

However, life continued and I’m where I am at now. The goal is to recreate my former success, but I also know that my focus will be my upper body that suffered the most from my decrease in productivity.

What does this have to do with my cleanse you may ask? Well during the most successful times in my previous workouts, I would take time to do a weeklong detox maybe once or twice a year. Now eating better at the time, I had less to clean, but it was a period to reflect on doing without, what I could change, and it slowly allows you to think about doing the same with life. What belongs here, what can I get rid of, what do I really need? Last week my friend and I talk about my lack of being able to “let go,” much deeper story I hope to be able to tell. But, I have always found it easy to let go, strange last 2 sentences, huh?

Well, when I decided to become a vegetarian/pescatarian, I was instantly (July 1999), when I decided I had enough of gaining weight, I changed my food, and workout the next week. Thus returning to a cleanse, or starting a cleanse to clean out the last 2 years. While reading a series of post from one of my favorite bloggers Va$htie Kola, who i discovered through Kanye West’s old blog, i found and started to research the cleanse. Now i will admit, it was cost preventative until i thought, “i only live once,” and this was something i wanted to do. So i jumped and ordered. Now, to start the process.

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“I know what whole foods are, and I’ve seen people buying them. I would too, but I’m too busy to be choosy – my vegetable intake comes in the form of: Ketchup – “tomatoes” and French Fries – “potatoes.” Salad is found in EVERY cheeseburger I eat: it’s that green-ish color in the middle of the burger. Fruit? Easy, it’s the garnish on my cocktail, (usually an orange). I have cut back on red meat… and know I should only buy organic, free range, hand massaged meats and vegetables raised by people who smell like patchouli oil, but where do they even sell that stuff?”

I don’t eat meat, but I’ve been bad to my body, and my vegetable intake has not been the best as of late. So my goal is to start my cleanse, rebuild my diet and set up my meals, plan out my workout schedule and get this thing back on track. I haven’t knocked myself fully out of the clothing I had purchased…thank goodness my legs decided to stay with me (that occasional long run does help, especially multiple runs).

The last two days I prepped my body by giving up my coffee (sigh) eating single fruits as directed for breakfast and lunch. I could eat fish for dinner Tuesday, last night I had a salad, and tonight tea and vegetable broth (thanks Whole Food for the sodium broth, and Starbucks for the hot water). I also picked a weekend where I may be on call, but I’m not working.

Wednesday was hard on me as the Starbucks/coffee/caffeine withdrawal was in full debilitating effect. My head was in serious pain. Today has been much better.

The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.

Let the world change you…
…and you can change the world