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OK, today is the day.  Now, to start the cleanse, I had a process of phasing out solid foods over a three day period.  I could have fish for dinner Tuesday, a salad for dinner Wednesday, and vegetable broth for dinner Thursday, the night before.  Tuesday went well, and the fish portion was less than I had expected.  Wednesday, I ha a little cheat with dinner, but Thursday I was fully on in anticipation of my detox and cleanse, and the first time using Blue Print Cleanse.

Friday morning was an odd mix of fatigue, and anticipation since I had spent the night on the phone with a great friend from school that I had not spoken to in some time.

 To give some background, our long phone conversations began when my “brother-from-another-mother” moved to California.  Due to the time difference I would suffer the brunt with a lack of rest because they conversations would go on, talking, debating, etc.  Oddly enough, after he went back to school in England and returned back to the states, and back home to New York…our conversations still seem to have the same time table.

Open Friday, I could drink a mix of hot water with lemon, and add cayenne pepper, if needed/wanted to start the day and hold me until my box of juices arrive.  Between working on items and reports, I made trips to see whether the FedEx truck had pulled to the front.

“no, not yet,” I thought while retreating back to my office.  I continued this exercise until I had to drop and item off, only to return to someone rumbling in my office, placing the box on the ground.

“I think it’s a phone,” she said.  “That’s what the delivery guy said he thought it was.”  I smiled, and grabbed my scissors and in haste opened the box, sliced my finger, looked at the blood, and felt to discern whether my juices were still cold.  I looked at the juice, then looked at the blood making its way to the surface of my finger.  Do I drink my first juice, or get a band aid?  I got the band aid, because if I had waited this long, a few more minutes would not make a difference.


Juice 1: Green Juice

Made of Romaine lettuce, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Spinach, Kale, Parsley, and Lemon I had heard nightmare descriptions of its taste.  Granted, I had had green juices in past cleanses, another positive point that sold my on this product and had had one earlier this week, the flavor and consistency had a consistency that was not thick as other greens.  The flavor was easily palatable, and had a hint of a sweet tang, likely from the apple and lemon.  Not bad, I thought as I tried to focus on drinking my juices in an even schedule.


Juice 2: P.A.M. (Pineapple, Green Apple, Mint)

The flavor was self explanatory I was off schedule by the time I got to juice 2.  I wanted to make sure I got in the suggested 12oz of water between the next juice, and wanted to make sure that I did not drink my juices too quickly and leave myself hungry at the end of the day.  The flavor was great, and as I told myself to savor the juice, I seemed done in one gulp.  I refilled both of my completed bottles with water, to continue my hydration.


Juice 3: Green Juice (again)

Nothing special to report here other than my wanting to taste the remaining flavors of the cleanse.


Juice 4: Spicy Lemonade

Made of Water, Lemon, Agave Nectar, Cayenne Pepper.  This was the first juice with a sweetener that was pointed out as the equivalent of High Fructose Corn Syrup.  The cayenne pepper was prominent in the flavor, and having burned my tongue on the hot water earlier, it was not that welcome a feeling in my mouth.  I drank this before going to the Circus with family and friends, and sitting among the smell of fresh popcorn and funnel cakes.  The place smelled like sugar, and for someone that had virtually eliminated sweets from their diet over 10 years ago, the mix of not having food caused my mouth to water, but I did not break my cleanse.  I have a plan, and regardless of the circumstances I have to stick to it.  The Blue Print Cleanse also made it cost prohibitive to do so.


Juice 5: C.A.B.

Made of Carrot, Apple, Beet, Lemon and Ginger, this juice had a stark beet color and flavor.  Blue Print Cleanse seems to do a superb job of not letting one flavor overpower their drinks, but although I could taste these flavors, the beets were present.  I gulped this as those within the party that could eat (i.e. not me) sought out dinner.


Juice 6: Cashew Milk

Sitting at the table of the restaurant with a glass of water and my beverage made of Water, Raw Cashews, Agave Nectar, Vanilla Bean, and Cinnamon, the scents of the food and questions I was being asked about the cleanse and detox made me hungry, but also made me want to continue my cleanse in hopes of more than just a physical benefit of the 3 day preparation, 3 day detox, and 5 day breaking of the cleanse.  As of this point, I did not have any real hunger pangs, or need for food, the juices seemed to be doing their work.  My biggest complaint had been at the end of my first day without coffee that I started to experience bad headaches.   The cashew milk…in a blog, and article about this particular cleanse I had read two stories, and was actually looking forward to this (and the Spicy Lemonade) out of all of the juices.  In an article I read the night before the cleanse my anticipation took a hit, as it was compared to soy or rice milk.  I tried soy milk when a doctor incorrectly instructed me from dairy, and in so doing my brief foray with the fake milk was short-lived.  I had not tried rice milk, because of how bad the soy milk was.  As everyone’s meals arrived, I opened my Cashew Milk.  Its consistency was thicker, or more grainy than the other juices, and it was more than tolerable, but it was not the treat I was expecting from one write-up, nor was it anything near as bad as the soy milk that I had tasted in the past.


Day one is down, I feel good that I have received and started the cleanse, but I don’t see anything that I learned about myself today.  I have this weekend for myself, and my cleanse and I’ll keep you updated.


The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.