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“We have to learn to get out of our own way.”


Day 2:

I woke up and could not move from the bed because of a debilitating headache that felt like a hangover.  I slightly started to question whether this cleanse was designed for the daily requirements of the male body.  But the lack of hunger racked my brain in trying to determine the cause.  I sat thinking of what I needed to do, as I catalogued what I had to.  I needed my hot water with lemon and cayenne pepper…I had no lemons.  Should I go to the store, or find something to use as a substitute here?  I eventually put in a few drops of lemonade, since I did not need to procrastinate in getting the process started.  The mixture was diluted enough that I did not feel bad about the addition.  I had noticed over that in day one, my frequency of going to the bathroom increased, likely due to the increase of my water intake.  However, I felt that must have adequately prepared because I had nothing else to evacuate.


Juice 1: Green Juice

Uno: I drank this en route to meet a friend at Starbucks. I drank green tea and water between my juices and had a decent conversation about a range of topics, the past, the future…how a Starbucks in Conyers atypically has an eclectic mix of customers come in and out of its doors, as opposed to let’s say, a Downtown Atlanta.  It was here that I learned my first lesson of the day, we as people have to get out of the way of what we can do.  I notice that you have wants for yourself personally, but for some reason we don’t do those things, make excuses for not being able to do those things.  There are some of us who try, but do not follow through fully.  Many of you have heard me say in the past that I wished I could say the things I need to say, when I need to say them.  I still feel that I don’t fully do that…somewhere fear still resides there.


Juice 2: P.A.M. (Pineapple, Green Apple, Mint)

Dos: This juice elicited a dual laugh.  I laughed that Taylor was eating a bagel, and drinking Starbucks coffee, he laughed that the juice was all I was drinking with my hot tea and water.


Juice 3: Green Juice (again)

Tres: Luckily my BPC bag was keeping my juices cool as the Atlanta temperature was rising to unseasonable 75+ temperatures.  The green was still the juice that I paid the most attention to the flavor, and it is one of the sweetest greens I have ever had.  I had this before getting with my nieces to walk through Piedmont Park.  It was great to see the surprise of my youngest niece in Atlanta wearing the Adidas Superstar suit I got for her recently.  Over the last year my process with her is see her, she’s runs away from me, I hopefully get to hold her when she falls asleep, she warms up to me.  That’s a start contrast from my holding her and putting her to sleep, and carrying her everywhere when she was a newborn and infant. She was wide awake when we met, but by the time we reached the park she was asleep.  No one wanting to carry a sleeping small toddler worked to my advantage.  She slept, then raised her head to watch the park, then sat on my shoulders watching the dogs, and driving her chin into the crown of my head, because it’s me, she can do no wrong.  But all in all the day with family was great.  The park was packed with so many people, Atlanta definitely goes wild with a semblance of warmth, and the park is much different than my college days when you could steal away with someone and a day like this did not guarantee it would be packed.


Juice 4: Spicy Lemonade

Cuatro: Luckily the bag was still cool, with the frozen cool packs warming up in the heat.  The fam wanted to eat after a long day, and as the evening darkness crept in, I downed  my spicy treat while heading to dinner, get some water with lemon, and wait at least an hour until my next juice.


Juice 5: C.A.B.

Cinco: Me nieces grabbed the bottle, and perused it asking why I was walking around with a bottle of ketchup.  I survived on water and lemon as they ate their Cajun themed meal.  My youngest niece became a character at the table, drawing with the provided crayons, stealthily grabbing her tea, reserved for her dinner, unbeknownst to her mother, and putting her finger to her lips to make the “shhh…” motion as she was caught.  Being that it took an hour and a half to get the television changed to All Star Saturday night (which included the waitress selecting a porn channel in error), she was my entertainment.


Juice 6: Cashew Milk

Seis: As all parties headed in their respective directions, I thought of the laughs I got as carried my niece to the car and with a jacket covering her from the increasing wind and temperature drop, I peeked in.  She began a series of emerging from my shoulder and the hood, “Heeeeey,” she dragged, then as quickly a short “No,” and buried her head back into my shoulder.  She continued that along the walk, as I snuck in little cheek kisses.  I drank the Cashew Milk, as I watched the conclusion of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest once I was at home.  The beverage was better and cooler in temperature today, which was a plus.


With day two down, my only concern was whether I’d feel the same the next day, not knowing the cause of my headache.  I definitely feel, that today’s message was one of enabling myself to do and complete those things I want and need to do, and to stop letting the excuse of “life,” to get in my way.  We are only here once, all the planning in the world will not help us attain our goals without the doing.