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Before I start this post, I would love to thank those who stop by and read Blue Lines Blog, though my manuscript has been a labour of love, for many years, and I’m trying to stay focused in: 1) being ready to share it; 2) sharing some thought, pieces, and ideas that detail it, the process, me, and excerpts…you guys have, since this time last Sunday,helped me break previous highs in my blogs readership multiple days last week. Words cannot express how I felt, and further pushed me to provide content, as just the rush, and weight of the first big day (Sunday) last week, had me wanting to lay low for awhile. Thank you all very much, I hope to be able to continue to exceed your expectations. Thank you!!!

The young man sat back, and as he gazed into her eyes, he realized that the chasm of time did not diminish his feelings.

Hiding out as New York is pelted with rain, and I have no jacket yet, I ask what does this mean? It’s not specific to YOU or any particular person, but yet a whole. Over the last few months, and this year rather, I have been able to reconnect with a myriad of friends and family, meet new people, have new experiences, but nothing hit more closer to home than being in New York this weekend, and spending time with friends that I have not seen ranging from 15 to 4 years. Granted we had renewed the relationships via facebook, in some part, but there is a marked difference in person.

Whether it was being picked up at JFK, karaoke in the Lower East Side, having Saturday brunch, and my new favorite The Smith, a bond was not renewed, or reconnected, but rather refreshed, it’s as if yesterday we were in school, and today was a Saturday or Sunday days after. I noticed a certain love/brotherhood/care that not even this expanse of time could change. It also helps you realize that these relationships we had then, and those new now, are very important. And I do guess that’s what even keeps YOU and I doing something.

To see my aunt and uncle, who I had last seen during my aunt’s birthday celebration / celebration of she and my uncle’s successful experimental surgery, further confirms what’s missing, what’s love, and what is home.

Last night, or rather this morning before my long walk into the bright a.m. hours of this morning, I finally got to go and karaoke…uneasy (new place coupled with sobriety) I belted out two of my go to songs…YES Foo Fighters was one, lol. And one of my BEST friends in this world asked me: was that song dedicated. I knew what she meant, but because she knew I knew, I deflected like she knew I would.

I really wish there were the best words to describe how I’ve felt these few short days, that are not over. Earlier this year, I was able to feel the happiest joy a man could feel, I guess besides having his first child, this weekend, I’ve got to know some of the greatest feelings of friendship. It was almost the melding of the childish (everyone crashing in my hotel room, because it makes more sense) and it’s melding with adult, putting a trip together, having a room, and not finding a place to crash if it didn’t exist.

What did I learn:
-Atlanta/New York are home, they are not tourist attractions to me, because I don’t see them as such. They’re normal, I grew up between both.

-Change is necessary.

-The best route is not always a straight line.

-There is nothing like real friends.

-Yes I do understand, but I hate to be stranded on a trip.

-The best words and advice are those you don’t necessarily want to hear, but are willing to listen to.

-Glad to meet new friends, especially your friend, and maybe your friends, friend.

-Good to meet people who reinforce what I feel about relationships, to you, I hope you note that he’d rather not have you then not be right for you at this time. Because I saw him looking at you, and I know he does want you.

-Not too mad this is the last film in the current Transformers franchise.

-Glad I didn’t ask, this was time I needed.

-Everybody says I always make excuses for YOU…EVERYBODY. YOU and I, need to figure something out.

-I’m influenced a lot by Vashtie’s blog, I’ve tried the BPC because I saw it there, and tried The Smith (great decision) because of it.

-Man, it is great to find footing in the conversations with friends.

-Singing songs that mean something cleanses the soul, sing I. The shower, sing out loud, sing loud. Added Andre 3000 (win) Kanye (fail) Damien Rice (Double fail, especially since I forgot about the female vocals). Rap songs as karaoke, not so much.

-iPhone battery life stinks, maybe it’s just my 3GS…

-Being at the WTC site always affects me.

-I love karaoke…but then again, I LOVE music.

-Take advantage of those closest to you.

-I’m glad YOU had a positive week, glad if I could offer anything.

-iPads are virtually useless, sorry, but I could not maximize this post with my normal elements.

-Take advantage of your life, what reasons there to make another’s miserable. I’m not without guilt…even this weekend, for that I am sorry…the asshole came out.

-We’re too connected.

-I found it funny that I got weird stares since I was a Black Cuban man, dressed from an event, belting out rock tunes.

-One day, sooner rather than later, we have to figure this out…we’re the weirdest individuals.

-We are too DAMNED connected (yes, I know it’s above, I’m looking at it).

-The Cupping Room Cafe and Restaurant was hot too.

The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.