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Part 4 of 4 you can read Parts 1 here, 2 here, and 3 here.

Thanks again to Yo, Julia, and Myla for providing the words, I just hope that I did them justice.
Lynn reset herself, she had been around this before, and knew to let the experts do their jobs. The planner had everything set. The flowers were fine, the timeline was moving along, she had no worries. She glanced over as the photographers snapped away with impunity, a laugh settled in her stomach, but she chose not to voice it.
“Tonight will be everything we planned for,” she smiled widely.
“Are you okay,” Rosa burst into the room, baby in arms, surprised at Lynn’s calm demeanor.
“I’m perfect,” she responded holding Rosa’s hand in hers. “So is Elena, I’m just going to need you to be calm,” she smiled taking the child from her arms. “Maybe you need a glass of wine.”
Lynn, smiled, while thinking back those few years, reminiscing on the happy moments, the breakups, the arguments, her slight proposal, and his real proposal some time after. She marveled at New York, and their favorite haunt The Smith, and now the realization of everything they had wanted materialized before them. She sat back amazed. She and Anthony had succeeded she smiled again knowing that today was evidence of that.

Anthony checked his watch again, as he sat with the tuxedo pants, suspenders and a t-shirt on, he would wait until closer to the ceremony to redress. It was seasonably warm, and he had finished his first series of photographs. He thought of how this moment may have been missed, and about how Lynn had fought for him after just being along for the ride. We were kids, he laughed. Thirty year old kids.
“Would you like some water,” he was asked and gladly accepted. He stood up to peruse the expanse outside.
“Nothing more beautiful than an outdoor wedding,” and as the sun shone brightly over the lime green grass and hills he realized that weather would not interrupt this day.
“Here you are,” he accepted the water, sipped it and smiled. “I wonder how Lynn is right now,” he whispered not expecting a response.
“Fine,” he was answered. “You know her, she’s so calm.” Anthony laughed at that description. He remembered a time that calm would be the last word one would use to describe his beloved. Her eyes were once so full of uncontrollable fire, the two of them both were, just in a race to find themselves and realize their shared wants, needs, love. He smiled broadly again. It was as it had been, and always seemed to be, they were always in tune, always had the same wants and needs, it had just taken some time to fine-tune them.
He sipped the water again, smiling at this thing they were putting together. He looked at the watch on his wrist, and decided to redress just in the case that something unexpected arose. “Wow, here we go again,” he smiled on thinking of this next step.

Lynn sat as the finishing touches were applied. She pined for Anthony, as she had when they first met. His heart seemed to get more pure over the years.
“We’re ready,” her brief solace was interrupted. She stood, reset her dress and followed the wedding planner through the door and waited to be staged in preparation for the afternoon’s events. She gazed at Elena, who’s shared her calm. Rosa was still on edge, and Lynn kissed her cheek.
“It’s okay,” she tried to calm.

The processional began, as the family was escorted through the arch to the chairs draped in white lace sitting on pristine grass. The vineyard with accompanying golf course set the perfect placid scene for today. Moving like clockwork, the bridesmaids and groomsmen took their places. Anthony stood, and watched for her to appear. His heart had already jumped once today, and now he awaited the beautiful bride.

Elena, emerged from the grotto that sat near a pond a small distance from the archway. Walking forward, lucky enough to have both of her grandfathers flanking her sides she was escorted to the arch. Anthony’s chest was tight as he looked upon his elegant daughter wearing the dress that he marveled at on his and Lynn’s wedding day, he smiled at his father and father-in-law as he took his daughters arm. She smiled at him with her red lips, looking like the image of Lynn from their special day.
“I love you,” she kissed his cheek, and the two crossed the threshold of the arch.
“Setembro,” the Brazilian wedding song that they had entered to on their wedding was played by the band, as he thought about his “baby” girl being married. Rosa had gotten married 2 years ago, and today his youngest daughter would be. Ant Jr. was still in school, and far removed from this day. Anthony smiled, wishing the best for his daughter, and also appreciative that both of his daughter’s journey did not mirror that of he and his beloved wife.

Anthony looked across the seating area and caught the eye of his wife. Smiling at Lynn, and glancing at the youngest of his daughters he reflected on how lucky he was. Rosa was the intelligent conservative of the two, while Elena had been the precocious inquisitive little girl. He would look at her, always sitting swinging her little legs as they watched the game, and thought, “you are your parent’s daughter.” She was the perfect representation of both of them. When Ant Jr. was born, she grew to become more responsible. However, Anthony, though focused on Elena today, glanced at his son sitting behind Lynn, and over to Rosa crying as her sister’s Matron of Honor, he smiled at how two reckless kids whose paths kept crashing into each other, and other things after that too, had put together something beautiful.
And he looked upon what they had masterfully put together. Their beautiful family, their amazing past, and an unknown but stable future. He marveled at their handiwork.
Mind you, Anthony loved their journey, but would never wish their lives upon his children. He briefly sniffed, and regained his composure. As Elena saw her future husband, her steps became hesitant. He squeezed her hand, and she felt his strength and continued on. And as he looked up from his daughter, he caught the gaze of Lynn, and always in love with her, fell again as if it was that day many years ago.

Sitting in class, he looked up, and saw her eyes, they knew…their life was a Masterpiece.

The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.