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Somehow I wrote the bulk of this last night on those treacherous keys of my Blackberry Curve. This is actually about a person…surprising since the muse thing has changed. Not a new muse, but just echoes of real events. Originally titled “Youth” last night, “Wrong Place,” seems to fit more with it’s narrative.

You wrote on my heart in indelible ink,
It washed off in the morning,
The chasm of years, were much too deep,
Ten years young, still more mature than my love,
Yet a gap, much to wide,
I wasn’t willing to divide,
You knew what you wanted,
Of me,
Less she,
Yet the stain of your want and need,
For the night, was etched on me,
Nerves raw,
Lust lost,
In me you found love,
Something I knew, but saw from afar,
I knew, when younger than your age,
But sordid now,
Calculating now,
Cautious now,
Our match, not feasible now,
So she watched,
She skulked,
She sought me,
But I gave you your time,
Still wanting,
But were you for fun,
Hell no, just two hearts,
Satisfying the wrong place,
At the right time,

Where do we draw the line,
You offered hope for what I want,
Wanting it to be you,
I wanted it too,
But was far from lying to make it true,

So you woke,
Strong not to sob,
You could not look to my eyes,
Wanting to be somewhere else,
No regret, but no lies of hope,
You so beautiful,
Unworldly grace, inability to describe,
And you here with me,
Wrong date,
Wrong time,
Reaching up, on outstretched toes,
You asked for my…
As you wished me the best,
Your heart burned in your chest,
And in less than 24 hours…a lifetime.
The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.