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Making a change for 2012. Ditching “High School Crush Tuesdays” for “Text Tuesdays.” Meant to showcase new, old, or liked poetry, short stories, changing to a text (not texting) option.

K.S. 01/03/12
She asked me…how much did my love cost?

I asked, what do you think I paid for this?
Those roses, paid for with your smile,
That trip, paid for with your hugs,
Those pearls, paid for with your gratitude,
That concert, paid for in your eyes,
That dinner, paid for in your appreciation,
That diamond ring, paid for with your “Yes.”

Love has no pricetag…

The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.