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This is a post that had been postponed be real events in real life for quite some weeks. Planned previously, but life changed that. Losing (figuratively) a loved family member, and regaining them back. Communication is key, along with understanding who we are as people.

I stood there, singing along to Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love,” feeling things that I shouldn’t have. A song that should have stood alone, and again, like always, I knew…something. The dark night engulfed me (us)…and the world became more real, as it always will.

Coachella Good, Bad and Ugly:
– Amazed to go to my first Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
– The design allows for some music to cannibalize the artists (ie During The Black Keys, Explosions In The Sky’s set flooded the lower volume sets and breaks between music.)
– The artist selection was amazing.
– Sharing the experience was great, especially since I planned to go solo.
– Camping was an experience within itself, though I was told, “This isn’t real camping.” I’ll accept that.
– Coachella Saturday night was the most amazing, emotionally stirring night in music of my entire life, a gauntlet of Feist, Bon Iver, SBTRKT, ending with Radiohead who I didn’t realize would also stir my emotions in the same way. Music is rough, words are rough, emotions are rough…and sitting there with…
– The Black Keys performing “Little Black Submarines” was amazing.
– The Tupac hologram lost its “specialness” since it wasn’t a surprise.
– Watching someone from the west coast get excited about the songs from their region and childhood, as I would about music hear was cute, brought a smile to my heart.
– Water was a must…dousing yourself with ice water that evaporated in 5 minutes was too.
– Happy.
– Would definitely do again.
– I’d take the heat over a rainy mess.
What I Learned:
– I wish happiness for everyone, and for everybody that wishes ill to me to go away, why waste your time, when I don’t care about that for you?
– I love my niece(s) I really do. Seeing my niece this week capped a perfect experience.
– Patience is needed, I once knew patience, and I’m trying to re-learn (realistically).
– Sometimes, take control.
– I can deal with heat, but DAMN, no one can deal with 100+ temps normally.
– Music is amazing, the thoughts, feelings, experiences it produces.
– Coachella…what can I say, whether next year is the last year or not, this is something I will make a normal occurrence in my life. Truly a scorching, amazing musical experience. Bucket List satisfaction.
– Happiness causes you to lose all concept of space, time, and date, there is no beginning, and the only end is distance.
– Though only a week, my happiness allowed it to feel like a year, I want/need more of that in my life on a regular basis.
– You mean too much to me for that nonsense of two weeks ago. I guess things happen at the time they need to, but still, hurt is hurt. Glad it’s over. Everything is not about her.
– Stop asking questions about me…why do you care? What is…? Who is…? Why is…? Does it concern you?
– Agape at meeting family.
– I began to dislike California last year, it lost its enchanting disposition, it’s special again, the solitude and memory of riding up and down the state brought that back. Especially under better circumstances.
– Glad (understatement) for the time we spent.
– Its times like these (ha, Foo Fighters reference) that I look at all the good and bad and know how much of a charmed life I live. I power through the bad times, though I play a role in those, try to see the good, or learn and move on.
Sitting in the barren airport, vaguely wondering what the next step was. Heart full of experience, intelligently planned out decompression, I pictured your face. Do I know what I want, yes…do I know the next step…no, some things you cannot plan. With earbuds in, music low, I board and leave that I cannot control there, but fight for what I can.

The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.