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It began with a request,
Not like when I asked you,
As an adult, who had to fall to grow again,
You asked me in a mature phase,
I was flattered, to give back to you,
For your special day, and your special time,

A friendship in its 20th year,
You are making a change, and a new beginning,
And you offered me a role,
A part…to aid you, in a small form,
For what you’ve done for me,
Humbled and honored by you,

So for you and her on this special day,
My respects and aid I pay,
Respectfully your love united on your display,
Date, and I am fortunate to say,

A few words in your honor…
The manuscript Blue Lines is the fictional coming of age narrative of a young California woman Key Yemaya Walker, and her 2 year growing journey through school, love, and life period piece, written by Kenneth Suffern, Jr., taking place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill between the years of 1997 – 1998. Loosely based on true events, and experiences during that time, told through the eyes and voice of the main female protagonist, a freshman first attending the school.